Dr. Norm’s Wants Consumers To Sleep Well With New Line Of Cannabis Products

Dr Norms SleepWell THC Gummies

Established in 2017, beloved California baked goods brand Dr. Norm’s is launching its first product in a brand new SleepWell line. The product lineup will feature an array of apothecary cannabis products to address the issues of falling asleep and staying asleep. Dr. Norm’s Nano Sleep Gummies have just launched to the California marketplace. These unique gummies contain the perfect ratio of THC and CBN, with an extremely fast and effective onset time. Dr. Norm’s propriety formulation ‘nanotizes’ the THC and CBN cannabinoids simultaneously, which enables them to be absorbed and act faster in someone’s system. Onset occurs in as little as 5-10 minutes.

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Why Eating Fat With Marijuana Makes a Difference

Eating fat with marijuana is an important way to increase your cannabis high. Marijuana is a lipophile, and fat is a natural medium for cannabis compounds to enter the body. The following information will explain why eating fat with marijuana is important, as well as how fat makes marijuana more bioavailable.

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Deserts Should Be Dry, Not You. The Cake House in Needles, CA Makes Sure of That

Dr. Norm's Fruity Rice Crispy Bar 100mg THC

The Dr. Norm’s Cannabis-Infused Fruity Crispy Rice Bar was surprising in its deliciousness. Every bite was full of sweet, fruity cereal amazingness and didn’t have the bitter green undertones to the flavor that many cannabis edibles have.

The packaging is a bright, colorful bag that is childproof, scent-proof, and resealable. The vibrant bag made this edible even more of a fun treat. The consistency is that of a top-quality rice crispy treat, one that seems even more sticky and gooey than a regular one. It smells just like a fruity cereal, and it’s pretty much impossible to resist eating it all in one go.

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057: The Recipe for Success in Cannabis Edibles with Jeff Koz

The recipe for success in cannabis edibles with Jeff Koz

Every brand has a story, but few have a combination of family recipe, story, and legacy quite like Dr. Norm’s.

Dr. Norm was a real person–a well respected M.D. His wife, Audrey, was a professional pharmacist and beloved baker. Their children started a traditional cookie company to honor their mother, and it’s since become one of California’s best selling cannabis cookie and brownie brands.

Today’s guest is none other than one of Dr. Norm’s son and a co-founder of the company, Jeff Koz. We met at MJ Unpacked, and we’re thrilled to have him on the podcast to share the story of his brand and his unique experiences.

In this episode, you’ll find out how Jeff and his sister broke into the cannabis industry, how Jeff and his sister Roberta honed their product and scaled their business, and the innovations shaping the future of the edibles space.

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dr. norm’s Cookies & Cream Rapid Onset Cookies

Dr. Norm’s has done it again! Overall, this is a great baked product that tastes like a Chips Ahoy-style cookie. We found Dr. Norm’s Cookies & Cream Rapid Onset Cookies to be true to their name — they kicked in within about half the time of standard edibles. With a great flavor and fast-acting effects, these cookies provide all the proof you need that Dr. Norms leads the cannabis baked goods industry.

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Spring roundup 2022: 14 hot new cannabis products

Full-spectrum, fast-acting THC baked goods that are legit delicious? This is a truly exciting development. In March, Dr. Norm’s released NANO Cookies & Cream. They describe the product as “a modern mashup of an Oreo cookie and a traditional cookie.” But, you know, with weed. In April, the California-based brand released a NANO Cinnamon Toast Crunch Rice Krispy Treat that delivers 100 mg of fast-acting THC. (The treat comes with a cutting grid to create smaller doses for those who don’t want to get quite that baked.) The team here at MJBI and MJ Unpacked were already fans of Dr. Norm, but this is next level.

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