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May 2019

Named One of Best Edibles by Proper


Proper, a beautiful website dedicated to helping you find your perfect high, has named our Chocolate Chip Therapy 1:1 CBD:THC cookies as one of the best cookies on the market.

If you know Proper, you know they provide expert ratings by real people who are passionate about cannabis.  So being named by them as one of the best cannabis cookies is a huge honor!

Named One of Best Edibles by Proper2019-12-04T16:49:32-09:00

April 2019

Canna-Cookies For Canna Claus…


The New Smoker was very much looking forward to those special buds sticking out of their canna stockings.  What better way to entice Canna Claus than with some delicious Dr. Norm’s Cookies?

Canna-Cookies For Canna Claus…2019-08-12T19:10:23-09:00

March 2019

Social Animals – Meet Izzy and Eddie


Ember Magazine published an article on our fur babies Izzy and Eddie.  Truly a family affair, Dr. Norm’s would not be complete without its pair of personable pooches.

Social Animals – Meet Izzy and Eddie2019-07-12T14:14:14-09:00

October 2018

May 2018

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