When we started Dr. Norm’s, we envisioned a company that created a multitude of products appealing to a wide variety of folks. Our ethos was for our products to be safe, delicious and offer a consistent experience every time. This was how we built trust, such that our customers could always count on us to have their back! As the cannabis market began to mature, we realized that our customers’ needs continued to evolve. What may have been adequate in 2020, wasn’t going to satisfy consumers’ desires in 2022 and beyond.

That’s why we came up with the “Something for Everyone” concept. Not only did we want to continue to offer a wide variety of flavors, but also take into account dosage, form factor, strain specificity, dietary restrictions and now onset time. Additionally, we’re developing products that address various health and wellness issues such as sleep, pain management and stress reduction.



As you may know, after repeated use over time, the human body develops a tolerance for THC and other cannabinoids. To address this, we offer our cookies in three different potencies.

For newer users with lower tolerances, we offer a variety of cookies containing 10mg THC per mini-cookie.

For those with rising tolerances, we’ve recently introduced our line of 20’s – mini cookies containing 20mg THC per cookie. They’re the same size cookie, but contain twice the amount of cannabinoids.

And some patients need a much higher dose for more severe health issues as well as those who are edibles veterans! For these folks, we created the MAX cookie line. 4 flavors of mini-cookies containing a whopping 100mg THC per mini cookie.


Dr. Norm’s is known for its delectable baked goods in a wide variety of flavor profiles. We offer 6 flavors of cookies, 3 flavors or brownies and 4 flavors of Crispy Rice Bars, with new flavors being released all the time.


Our approach to strain specificity is unique to our brand. Our products are offered in Hybrid Effects, Sativa Effects and Indica Effects. In addition to our cannabis extract, we add precise amounts of all natural plant material to uniquely enhance the strain’s effect. For example, we use Guarana in our Sativa Effects products. Guarana is known as “nature’s caffeine” and can be found in high quality energy drinks for example. For our Indica Effects, we add Valerian Root, a plant known for its calming and relaxing effects. These enhancements add to the desired effects and can be precisely measured.


We determined that there are many out there who would prefer their edibles to take effect faster than traditional products. To address this consumer segment, we introduced the first Nano-Emulsified baked goods line in California. Customers now have the option of enjoying a delicious cookie or crispy rice bar with an onset time of 15 minutes! Our Nano products are also micro-encapsulated which allow them to be full spectrum. They contain additional minor cannabinoids which produce “The Entourage Effect” – mostly associated with smoking flower. We feel that this technology is a real game changer.


More and more consumers are looking for cannabis products that address their dietary needs. That’s why we provide Vegan and Gluten-Free options in our products. Additionally, with our 20’s and MAX cookies, we provide options containing less calories, carbs and sugar per 10mg dose.